Sunday, 20 July 2014

Dan & Guy BTS

Awesome news. Few things. Just completed day 2 of 4, filming an online web series. It's been super awesome couple of days, and footage so far is very promising. Not to mention the cast antics have me smiling. Samya and Mayve have given 120% and writer David has been superb:

© 2014 Dan & Guy BTS 
The Iron Curtain (Canon 60D) is holding up well. And also been doing some video / recording work for Vivobarefoot, and some storyboards for a few productions. More information as things develop. Can't wait to get this bad boy edited.

Sum up,
#dslrgambit #ironcurtain

Saturday, 5 July 2014

What's the biz, cuzzo!?

Working on a few. Securing locations, storyboarding, animation, writing treatments, editing, casting and playing COD brainstorming new ideas. All over the place but my sanity is still somewhat intact. Nice.

Nothing I can physically share now at the moment, sadly. So thought I may as well touch in an say 'hey. So... hey.

Be sure to look out for:
© 2014 Mimi Storm's "Wavy With It" music video production. Film by Dulani Wilson. All rights reserved to respective owners. 
Get ready. Not so ready. Little less. Nope, a tad bit more... yes, that 'ready'.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

"Wavy With It" Music Video BTS +

Shot a short music video Monday past, pass.... which one is it? Check it out. Managed to get a picture before my attention became consumed with the lights:

© 2014 Mimi Storm "Wavy With It" MV shoot. Photo by Dulani Wilson. All rights reserved.

Will be editing the video as well for artiste Mimi Storm. Did it to test out new gear really. Have to say my new tripod is a beaut. Davis and Sanford. Provista. Definitely worth it for you DSLR shooters and killers.
May have to take the gloves off to get something decent. Which was never the plan, but I'll take it as it comes.

Working on a few projects at the moment, personal and client-based, for some decent brands and awesome people. Would say things are looking up, but don't want to jinx it. Jinx!

Sum up,
My Kingdom for a horse!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Blackberrys "Go Sharp" Advert

Hey did a quick turn of the design hand to make this ad for Blackberrys "Go Sharp" Autumn selection. As part of a Talenthouse / Blackberrys-hosted competition. Check it out:

© Blackberrys "Go Sharp" Poster Advert. Artwork by Dulani Wilson. All rights reserved to respective owners.
"Go Sharp" or go home, baby! Sleek text made bold through colour, as well as the explosive, sharp blast of glass to mirror the lithe but striking presence of the model compliment each other well I feel.

When it comes to voting you can do that here:
Any support would be appreciated kindly.

Shooting a music video next week, and a comedy series a week after that maybe. Planning and scheming.

Sum up, is about as complete as it can get for now. Check it!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

"Elevation" Title Sequence

Added a simple title sequence to that Sci-Fi short I made in 48 hours. Thought I may as well not make my efforts go fully to waste and see how it would do in festivals:

© 2014 "Elevation" title sequence. Artwork by Dulani Wilson. All rights reserved.

See the film in its entirety here:

ELEVATION (2014) from Dulani Wilson on Vimeo.

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Withoutabox. What a joke.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Merchants Of Quietus is on the AOFA Showcase!

Greeting Superfriends! It's May the 1st! And Merchants Of Quietus ( is now viewable at the American Online Film Awards Showcase. Please view and support this indie film by going to MOQ's official page on the AOFA website:

Want to thank cast and crew for all their hard work on this short as I could not have done it without you. Much love guys

Remember to like and support us via the FB page.

Sum Up,
Recording Voice. hm....

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Red Man "Blood Crown" Poster Art

Check it out, a second poster done for Red Man. A crown suitable for a righteous tyrant, don't you think?:

© 2014 Red Man "Blood Crown" Poster. Artwork by Dulani Wilson. All rights reserved.

Sum up,
It's in your hands now.