Bringing out and Cleaning the ol' painting skills like a rusty .22

It's been a while since I even laid eyes on a piece of canvas. So you can only imagine how awkward it was to start painting again. But nonetheless, I am at this very moment buying acrylics.

Started by setting up some tonal background before sketching my subject:

And so it begins #acrylics #painting #canvas #canvaspainting #acrylicpainting #paint #woman #bluntspear #entertainmentontap A post shared by Dulani Wilson (@bluntspear) on Aug 28, 2017 at 11:07am PDT

And I know my art teacher said to avoid using black in paintings but I guess I'll be breaking rules in this here shopping list when I buy 500ml worth of the stuff. Blacker the berry, baby...

Current situation:
Will update more when I get through to it, hombres!

Sum up, It's been a long week. Has anyone seen Terminator 2 in 3D? Greatest Sci-Fi ever! Plus anyone have any tips of painting with acrylic do let me know.

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Ground control to Major Tom...

It's been a busy few weeks storyboarding a few projects for a few people/production houses.

Thought I'd share an unused frame from one of 'em

Check it out, soccer fans!

I think it's a satellite still orbiting earth hailing from that penalty shot David Beckham took at Euro all those years ago.

Sum up, You can't burn bridges and then expect to cross them.

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