Ground control to Major Tom...

It's been a busy few weeks storyboarding a few projects for a few people/production houses.

Thought I'd share an unused frame from one of 'em

Check it out, soccer fans!

I think it's a satellite still orbiting earth hailing from that penalty shot David Beckham took at Euro all those years ago.

Sum up, You can't burn bridges and then expect to cross them.

#TAPNews (06.27.17) | MCU's "Spider-Man" + "Venom" / Sony-led Marvel fil...


#TAPNews (06.21.17) | Carnage is the main nemesis in Sony's "Venom" film!


Aberdeen Asset Management / Sailing / Land Rover BAR storyboards

Recently storyboarded some work for Aberdeen Asset Management via Mr. White production company. Lot of exotic sailing, clear waters and has an Olympic vet in it. All around good fun. Check out some of the frames I rendered:

Now see the promo:

Thanks to Mr. White for the opportunity!

Sum up, Design + Boarding. Next week is self.

#TAPNews straight to the vein

Thought would share with y'all what I've started on #TAPNews – bite size video news chunks on everything pertinent in entertainment – has been launched! Check it:

Good stuff.

Sum Up,

PIMA + the Process of Progress

Tomorrow's a new day. Yeah well, haven't been myself. Partly due to the god awful news in Manchester and the cretins that will be sure to benefit from the tragedy by using it to spout their disrespectful respective bullshit. So trying my best to techno-detox at the moment.

So tomorrow sees me starting some new storyboard work for a particular YouTube channel. Should be good. Spent the last week, however, doing design for Talking elements for the website, business cards, newsletter templates, information packs... all o' that.

Check out the site; things still in progress, but your proof I've been stuck in. And of course, some stuff in regards to we started a bit of a news segment videos #TAPNews. Check them out on Facebook + via YouTube

Sum up,

Minxing things up

Forgot to drop this one. Recently did some design work for artiste Minx. Known here for a while now and she's doing big things touring and all the shebang and she needed some stickers designed to further promote her brand.

Did a preliminary sketch based on what she was after and moved from there:

From there, it was a few tweaks:

And voila! End result:

Turned out well, me thinks. Be sure to check out the lovely lady and her music. Has a song with the Mr. MFN Exquire. Nice.

Sum up, More design for TAP this week. Will share. Promise 🖖.