"Insidious: The Last Key" Concept Poster 2

Remember that Insidious concept poster art I shared with you lovely people? Of course you do. That was the first of few.

The second I'm about to share was the first one I attempted. Saw the Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster and how simple and text orientated it was. Not saying I succeeded with this one but I found the idea of the white space appealing for some reason.

Check it out:
Apparition be like "I got the keys, the keys, the keys". Check out the poster on Talenthouse:

Sum up, Gear up.

"Insidious: The Last Key" invites evil home. And I made a poster for the event

It's been a while superfriends. And it seems I have fallen back into some old habits. Nothing overly nefarious like experimental military-grade narcotics. Nope. Talking about entering a design competition on Talenthouse –

So I created a bunch of posters to promote the coming Insidious: The Last Key movie coming out in January 2018. And I thought I'd might as well share what I did over the next couple of days.

First up! Check out this simple graphic poster I designed:

Evil truly comes home. One of my initial ideas, I aimed for something simple to give the impression of a sinister element creeping in. And what's worse than untidy, matted hair. Apparitions with untidy, matted hair.

Check out the trailer. Not a horror fan though. Nothing against the genre. Just a bit of a p**y.

Sum Up, More to follow, and it gets better...

My least favourite game, but I'm good at it – waiting

Finally finished that painting I've been working on. I'll need to kinda take a picture or two too, but eventually I'll get to it. Thinking of starting a second, so looking about how to stretch my own canvas. See how that goes. Gonna need to buy more shit, apparently

But now, what's on the agenda? Waiting. For a lot of stuff. Work. Suit And Bone VFX. COD WWII to download an update file. Lot of waiting. But writing my first feature script and doing my comic helps to kill the time I guess.

Will share some stuff I'm working on next week.

Sum up
RTJ concert in like a few days!

Bringing out and Cleaning the ol' painting skills like a rusty .22

It's been a while since I even laid eyes on a piece of canvas. So you can only imagine how awkward it was to start painting again. But nonetheless, I am at this very moment buying acrylics.

Started by setting up some tonal background before sketching my subject:

And so it begins #acrylics #painting #canvas #canvaspainting #acrylicpainting #paint #woman #bluntspear #entertainmentontap A post shared by Dulani Wilson (@bluntspear) on Aug 28, 2017 at 11:07am PDT

And I know my art teacher said to avoid using black in paintings but I guess I'll be breaking rules in this here shopping list when I buy 500ml worth of the stuff. Blacker the berry, baby...

Current situation:
Will update more when I get through to it, hombres!

Sum up, It's been a long week. Has anyone seen Terminator 2 in 3D? Greatest Sci-Fi ever! Plus anyone have any tips of painting with acrylic do let me know.

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